Nordstrom’s Tomato Basil Soup

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Happy December everyone! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?  Mine was a bit stressful, as my oldest landed himself in the hospital for a couple of days! More on that here.  Scary–but he is fine now-thank goodness!     In other news I have been busy getting my house all decked for Christmas and I am now checking things off my shopping list and wrapping gifts left and right!  I bought myself an early gift (haha) a new digital candy thermometer and can’t wait to use it this weekend making some homemade caramels!  A favorite holiday treat at our house!  But I digress –back to the post:)   I REALLY LOVE to make soup this time of year.  It just hits the spot on a cold winter night.  A couple of weeks ago we had some seriously cold weather (like almost set a record–brr)    I have heard that the Tomato Basil soup at the Nordstrom café is so good that it has a cult following–so of course I really wanted to try it!  Since we don’t have a Nordstrom here in Chattanooga (boo hoo) I had to hunt down the recipe to make it myself. I guess there is a Nordstrom cookbook and this recipe is in it.  I found the recipe online and this little bit of information regarding the secret to it’s success:

 The secrets, I think, are the generous use of carrots, which bring a sort of untraceable sweetness, and the use of dried basil, not fresh. That might seem surprising since dried basil gets a bad rep for tasting very little like its fresh counterpart. But it’s actually a useful ingredient, and the concentrated flavor is key for a puréed soup like this. “

Interesting, huh?  Well you will have to give it a try and tell me what you think! When I made this soup I also whipped up some grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough and sent my husband this picture on his phone. I was trying to entice him to come home from the office!  I am proud to report , it worked!! He he! I am such a tricky wife! And, by the way I LOVED this recipe and so did my husband!  This will be my new go to Tomato Soup recipe from here on out.  I always have these ingredients on hand, so it is perfect for us!  Simple, fast and delicious!!

Also–if you are in the mood for a simple but stunning craft–try these cool snowflakes!  So pretty and fun!!

Nordstrom's Tomato Basil Soup
  • ⅓ cup olive oil
  • 4 large carrots, peeled and diced
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil, crushed
  • 3 28-ounce cans whole peeled Roma tomatoes
  • 1 quart chicken broth
  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. In a large, heavy saucepan, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat until shimmering.
  2. Add carrots and onion and cook until beginning to soften, 10 minutes, then add basil and cook until vegetables are completely soft, about 5 minutes more.
  3. Add tomatoes and broth, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 20-30 minutes, or up to 45 minutes if you have the time.
  4. After allowing soup to cool somewhat, purée in a blender or food processor until smooth, doing so in batches if necessary.
  5. For a much silkier texture, strain the purée before returning to the pot.
  6. Stir in cream little by little over over low heat, until desired texture is reached and soup is just heated through.
  7. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and serve warm.


Recipe Source: Serious Eats via Nordstrom Cookbook


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