Kids in the Kitchen: Christmas Tree-ts

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Hello friends!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was great!  And we have wasted no time in getting up our Christmas tree and holiday décor.  I love this time of year!!  I will update the sidebar in the next day or two with lots of our most favorite holiday recipes.  I wanted to start off the season with these adorable little Christmas trees.  They make the perfect holiday treat for little ones. They are easy to prepare, so fun to make and relatively healthy:)  Perfect for class parties or after school snacks!  You will find these are  a big hit!  Children LOVE “decorating” their own little trees.  Yum!

Kids in the Kitchen: Christmas Tree-ts
  • Green Apple Sliced thin
  • Tootsie rolls, unwrapped
  • Cheese cut into a star with the tip of a knife
  • fruit loops cereal
  1. Lay apples on a plate to form a tree (three to a side--see picture)
  2. Lay Star on top, tootsie roll at the bottom for the stump and decorate with fruit loops for ornaments. Enjoy!!



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