Kids in the Kitchen: Celery Fishing Poles and Gold Fish

by Mindy on May 1, 2013

Celery Fishing Pole and Goldfish

Cutest thing to watch my little guys giggling and “fishing” at snack time the other day.  And even better was when my 4 year old slowly munched his way through his celery stick!  Isn’t it funny how a lot of kids have such a hard time with textures and new foods?  I find myself encouraging, bargaining, and then threatening my own little eaters to get them to try new things.  So this snack was a major hit with me along with the little guys.  Anything that fills my kitchen with laughter AND accomplishes eating a new veggie is alright in my book.

Kids in the Kitchen: Celery Fishing Poles and Gold Fish
Submitted by Mindy ~ The Sisters Cafe

Celery, cut into sticks
Peanut Butter
Gold Fish Crackers

Sprinkle fish crackers on a plate.  Spoon some peanut butter in a mound on the plate.  Then use celery sticks to dip into the peanut butter, and go fishing!

Adapted from Creatively Blooming

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1 Erin May 2, 2013 at 8:04 am

What an absolutely DARLING idea!!


2 Kathy May 2, 2013 at 9:52 am

What a cute idea!


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