Snowman on a Stick

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My little boy and I made these cute little snowmen on a stick for his preschool birthday party today.  I’m crazy and had two babies in December.  And one day apart no less!  Those of you with Christmas babies can relate.  We are very busy Mamas this time of year what with trying to make sure our little darlings’ birthdays don’t get beat out by holiday to-do.  This year I got lucky.  My 4 year old asked for a “Candy Cane Christmas Party.”  I may not want his birthday to get beat out, but I am not crazy enough to argue with such a wonderfully easy request.  So I am planning a birthday party complete with fun Christmas and winter oriented activities and treats, and I am keeping everything as easy as possible.  Hence these adorable, easy, and quick birthday snacks today.  They were a hit with the preschool kids, and I loved that my little guy could help me make them for his class.  In fact, I am thinking Snowmen on Sticks will make a second appearance with some creamy hot cocoa after actually making a snowman this winter, too!

PS A few helps:

1.) We made these the night before, and the next morning all the Fruit Roll-Up scarves were gooey from sitting in a closed container with the moist donuts all night.  I had to put new scarves on all the snowmen before I could deliver them to preschool.  So scarves are a to-do on the day of.
2.) Also, I bought two boxes of donuts.  One was not as fresh and the donuts cracked when skewered.  The fresh, moist donuts did not crack at all when skewered.  So as always, fresh is best!

Snowman on a Stick
  • 10" bamboo skewers
  • Powdered mini donuts
  • Orange and Green Mike and Ikes, cut the green ones in half
  • Fruit Roll-Ups, cut into strips
  • Black Food Coloring, Black Icing Gel, or mini chocolate chips
  1. Thread three donuts onto the skewer.
  2. Place the halved green Mike and Ikes into the center of the lower two donuts for buttons.
  3. Place one orange Mike and Ike in the center of the top donut for the nose.
  4. Wrap the strip of Fruit Roll-Up between the top two donuts for a scarf.
  5. Then dip a toothpick in black food coloring and touch to the top donut to create charcoal eyes and mouth (I've also tried the black icing gel, which looks cute but can smudge easier.  Mini Chocolate Chips work, too).

Recipe Source: Dukes and Duchesses


  1. Megan says

    I made these for my son’s Winter ONEderland party this past weekend & they were a HUGE hit! I struggled to get mine to stand up so they all just hung out on a platter “resting” until the kids ate them.

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