Egg in Toast (aka Egg in a Nest)

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Instead of serving your eggs with toast, why not serve the egg IN your toast?  Such a great idea!  This breakfast classic, has many names, including’ Egg in a Nest’, ‘Egg in a Saddle’, ‘Popeyes’, and more.  You can also have fun with the look by using a cookie cutter to punch a hole in the center of your bread.  You can imagine how cute a sunshine shape would be first thing in the morning!  Pictured above is the grown up version of this simple dish.  Using chewy artisan bread from Costco (try the Rosemary one–yum!), butter and an egg you can create a mouthwatering delicious meal in minutes!  Pleasing to both the young and older in your family!  This a really fun dish for your kids to help with.  My boys love this recipe.  Simple and delicious!

Egg in Toast (aka Egg in a Nest)
submitted by Melanie~The Sisters Cafe

1 slice of Toast (artisan bread or regular sandwhich bread)
1 egg
salt and pepper

Heat pan to medium- medium high heat. Take your bread and cut out the center if using artisan bread, or use a 3inch cookie cutter for sandwich bread.  Butter your bread on both sides and toast in hot pan.  When one side is toasted flip it over to toast the other side.  Add your egg (careful not break the yolk).  Salt and pepper the egg and cover the pan for 2 minutes.  Once the whites have set, carefully flip and cook the other side for 1 minute or longer if you want the yolk set.  We like it runny to dip our toast into.  Don’t forget to butter and toast the piece of bread from the center!  yum!

*You do not need to cover the pan-I just like to do that because I think it shortens the cook time when you use the lid.


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    We love this at our house, too! And Rosemary and olive oil is my favorite too. Except we call it Cowboy Bread which Jack loves (copied this name from Melissa Peterson). I think the artisan bread makes all the difference.

  2. easy breakfast recipes says

    Really easy to prepare and just one of those breakfast dishes you have to have once in a while. Everyone loves eggs! Well, ok, almost everyone.

  3. quick recipes says

    I’m looking for a quick easy recipe for breakfast since I’m always rushing. Luckily I came across this recipe. perfect!

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