Spinach Eggs: A family favorite

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I kind of chuckled as I typed the title of this post as a “family favorite”  I wonder if my boys would say that? Maybe that should say a “Momma Favorite”.  I am always eager to get more greens into my children and this has become a favorite way to do it.  My boys never complain about the spinach–in fact I have told them so many times how healthy greens are for their bodies that I think they are little proud of eating their spinach eggs now:)  I am sure they would  prefer a breakfast of some kind of sugary cereal, if given the choice, but at least they happily eat their spinach eggs when that is what is placed in front of them:)  Sometimes, I make this for myself at lunch.  I LOVE it!  When I make it for myself I add onion–but my boys prefer this dish sans onion.  The cream cheese makes it so creamy and delicious–YUM!  We like to top it with salsa or hot sauce.  Hope you enjoy!

We had this for breakfast on our first day of Summer Break!  I can’t believe summer has begun!  YEAH!  I just got my Summer Job Chart up on my ‘Family Command Center’!  The only way I can stay sane during the summer is to have clear expectations for my 5 boys, so we don’t end up sitting around all summer in a mess watching TV :)   We try to have some fun too–and  are working on our Summer Bucket List now!  What do you do to stay sane and have a fun summer when all the kids are home?  I would love to hear your ideas:)

Spinach Eggs
submitted by Melanie~The Sisters Cafe

*This is more of a method than a recipe.  You can adjust amounts to suit you and your family.

Onion (optional)
Cream Cheese
salt and pepper
Olive Oil, butter or cooking spray

Crack the desired number of eggs into a bowl.  I like to add a little water or milk.  I always remove some yolks.  I like it to be more whites.  I think it makes the eggs lighter and saves you calories too!  With a fork througly mix the eggs up, breaking the yolks and creating a yellow liquid. Take your spinach (start out with just a little and go from there–ease your family into it:) Roughly chop up the spinach. I like to chop it fairly well–remember it will shrink A LOT when you cook it!  If you are using the onion, chop that too.  Heat your skillet over medium to medium high heat.  Use either olive oil, butter or cooking spray and cook the onion for  a few minutes first, then add the spinach.  Saute until fully wilted and then pour in the egg mixture.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and using a wooden spatula or spoon, cook stirring and scraping the bottom of the pan until the eggs are firm.  Remove from heat and dot the eggs with little dabs of cream cheese.  Maybe a tablespoon or two for my family.  Gently stir the eggs and watch the cream cheese melt into a creamy goodness:)  Serve with salsa or hot sauce.  Enjoy!


  1. says

    You have told me about this! It sounds so good. I tried it once, but I put in way too much spinach and the eggs went weird and watery. I have to try it again with the cream cheese and onion (and less and better chopped spinach!) What a great way to use up some spinach, too. Thanks for posting Mel

  2. Melissa says

    Oh happy day! Saw this and made it immediately! Olive oil non-stick cooking spray, about 1 cup fresh spinach from the garden, didn’t have time to chop an onion so I skipped this (but I do love sauteed onions!), 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites, 1 wedge laughing cow 1/3 less fat cream cheese (yes I used the whole wedge – probably equates to more cream cheese than you use overall, but still good nutritionally). DIVINE!!! Served it with the salsa on the side – good, but this recipe is so delicious the salsa is really unnecessary, unless you want a bit of a kick. Maybe next time I’ll serve it with a fun fresh pico if I have the time. Thanks Melanie, once again!…for always inspiring!

  3. Mistie Barfus says

    This made me smile because I have a favorite recipe for spinach omlets that I make occasionally for my family. I grew up eating spinach omlets and LOVE them, but my family definitely does not appreciate them the way that I do. However, I keep making them in the hopes that someday they will acquire a taste for them and love them as much as I do! I will have to send you the recipe, they also have cream cheese in the spinach filling and they are sooo yummy!

  4. says

    I did try these again several times. Yummy! I made them for St Patrick’s day breakfast this year, and it was very cute as well as delicious!

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