Scary Spider Cookies

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Are you looking for a fun but very simple Halloween activity for your little one? These Scary Spider Cookies are perfect! It doesn’t get any easier than this. My four year old loves making his own spiders and my two year old especially loves eating them! I think these cookies turn out the cutest using black string licorice for the legs. Unfortunately, the store I went to didn’t have black string licorice or Halloween Oreos:( Oh well, a quick project like this isn’t worth multiple trips to grocery stores (in my opinion) so just grab what you can find and go! Have fun, your kiddos definitely will!

Scary Spider Cookies

Submitted by Amy ~ The Sisters Cafe
Recipe Source: adapted from Betty Crocker Celebrate

Black twist licorice (or black string licorice)
Oreos (any flavor works fine, but you might want to grab the orange-filled Halloween Oreos if you can find any!)
3 T. ready-to-spread frosting (chocolate is best)
Mini M & M’s

Cut licorice in 1 1/2-inch pieces. If using twists, such as red vines, cut each 1 1/2-inch piece in fourths length-wise. If using string licorice, just pull apart 1 1/2-inch pieces. Carefully twist open cookie. Insert 4 pieces of cut licorice into the icing of each side of cookie to make legs. Push those legs into the icing pretty good and gently close the cookie. With frosting, attach 2 mini M & M’s to top of each cookie for eyes.


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    Those are adorable. I seriously love them. Griff did some grocery shopping yesterday and I discovered oreos in our cupboard this morning. I’m definitely going to save some for these cute spiders. Jack will love it!

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