Green Beans with Walnuts and Nutmeg

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My sister Brittany and her family are visiting me right now from Seattle. It is so fun! We spent this morning walking across the Tennesse River in downtown Chattanooga. We planned on strolling thru galleries and little shops in the Art District and then sharing a pastry at a cool little place called’ Rembrants’…BUT it started raining on us and our plans were foiled! Now that we are home, it is, of course, nice and sunny! At the moment, I am dreaming of bistro sets like these for my back deck so we could sort of recreate our plans. We could make our own fancy treats with peppermint tea and pretend we were chatting at a swanky little place instead ofsitting at my kitchen table surrounded by several sweet {but noisy} toddlers:) Actually I have LOVED spending time with my nephew and baby niece and my sister and I are having a wonderful time together. We have done some cooking and baking together and I even have a few new recipes to share.
One dish we made were these beans. What a fantastic way to prepare a quick and nutritious side dish for dinner. The nutmeg and toasted walnuts make this simple dish seem gourmet. I love that it comes together fast, looks so appetizing and is very healthy. When I make this I never measure–just do as much beans and walnuts as you want for your family.
Green Beans with Walnuts and Nutmeg
submitted by Melanie
2 handfuls or more of frozen green beans (I use Costco’s organic)
1 small spoonful of coconut oil (you could use Olive Oil)
1 small handful walnuts
nutmeg (I like to buy nutmeg whole and use my micro plane to finely grate them)
kosher salt
I put the frozen green beans in a bowl of water on my counter top until they are defrosted. Drain and dry them off. Put the coconut oil in a pan and melt on med or so. I toss in the beans and walnuts and stir and toast for a few minutes until the beans are heated thru and the nuts are toasted. Grate some fresh nutmeg on and salt to taste. Mmmm:)


  1. Jennifer says

    I tried this with pecans instead of walnuts last night and loved it! I didn't have fresh nutmeg but powdered worked alright. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Brittany says

    oh this is delicious! You made so many wonderful dishes for us while we were visiting… how fun for me! :) thanks mel!!

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