Frankenstein Pudding Cups

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I made this spooky treat the other night for Family Home Evening.  It was one of those days spent hurrying from thing to thing, and it was FHE time before I knew it.  You know those kind of days.   Thankfully  I remembered seeing something like this on pinterest, and I so I whipped some Frankenstein Pudding Cups together much to the delight of my kiddos (and my husband, incidentally, who had a childhood love for snack packs).  They turned out adorable and took about 5 minutes.  Of course real, homemade food is the ideal… but sometimes instant pudding and some oreos just can’t be beat!

Frankenstein Pudding Cups
Submitted by Mindy ~ The Sisters Cafe

1 small package of instant pistachio pudding, prepared according to directions on the box
12+ oreos, chopped (I use my food processor to make short work of them)

 Spoon pudding into clear cups.  Top with chopped oreos to form Frankensteins hair.  Then draw a spooky face on the cup.  Chill if desired.  Voila!  The quickest Halloween dessert you will ever make!


  1. Zana says

    I use your site all the time & just wanted to thank all of you for great recipes and ideas that I look through all the time. Thanks!

  2. Leslie says

    Mindy this is brilliant! I am totally going to try this. So cute! PS I’ve been meaning to call you…sorry I’m such a slacker.

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