Christmas Eve Eggnog

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One year for my birthday, a very thoughtful friend gifted me this fabulous recipe along with a nutmeg grater, and some nutmeg. This may seem like an unusual gift for a May birthday, but I was thrilled.  Sheri knew me well–it was perfect for several reasons!  First of all, she knew how I treasure a great recipe, plus a  new kitchen gadget will always excite me and last but not least I LOVE traditions!  I could hardly wait for Christmas to arrive that year so I could present this special treat to my family on Christmas Eve along with our traditional menu of Chicken a la King.    Of course my family loved it and new tradition was born! We have been serving it on Christmas Eve ever since!  I think our favorite part is that you serve it in a frosty cold punchbowl full of  vanilla bean ice cream scoops!  AMAZING!!  We look forward to it all year and there is never any leftovers!  This really is very easy to make and trust me–your family will LOVE it!

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Christmas Eve Eggnog
submitted by Melanie

2 qts milk (divided)
1 qy half and half
4 eggs, well beaten
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 tsp salt
3 tsp vanilla
Fresh Nutmeg
Vanilla Bean icecream (1/2 gallon)

Blend eggs and 1 qt milk in blender.  Scald (let it reach 180 on a candy thermometer while stirring constantly)  Cool and then put in fridge overnight to chill.

Several hours before serving, put punchbowl in freezer.  Combine in large container the chilled milk and eggs mixture, 1 additional qt of milk, 1 qt half and half, vanilla, salt, sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle with FRESH grated nutmeg.  Chill in fridge.

When ready to serve, take chilled punchbowl out of freezer and scoop vanilla bean ice cream in rounded scoops in bottom of bowl.  Pour eggnog over ice cream.  Generously sprinkle on more freshly grated nutmeg andserve.   ENJOY this yearly indulgence:)

Recipe Source:  Slightly adapted from my sweet friend Sheri.  The only change I made is that right before she pours the eggnog over the ice cream she gently folds in 1 pint of freshly whipped heavy cream.  I like it better without the whippped cream–and with our traditional Chicken a la King and Christmas Eggs in the morning, I figure we are getting enough cream already:)


  1. brittany says

    That sounds wonderful! I remember trying this at your house one year and it was fantastic! Can’t believe I forgot about it! thanks for sharing – i can’t wait to try it out myself!

  2. Carrie Mathes says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love your site, and have used many of your recipes!! I was wondering do you usually use whole milk, and do you also scauld the half and half (when do you usually add that?) Your pictures are so pretty, I just can’t wait to serve this Christmas day!!

    • Melanie says

      Hi Carrie,
      That you for your sweet comment:) I usually just use what ever milk I have in the fridge–usually 1%. I do not scald the half and half –that is added with the sweet condensed milk a few hours before serving.It really is sooo good!! I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas xo

  3. Heather Dickinson says

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes that y’all post. My family and I are missionaries…and one thing I LOVE to do is bake new things…it helps us not miss our family, friends, and country as much [especially during the holidays. )
    I just found your blog recently and am enjoying making y’all’s recipes all the way in Buenos Aires, Argentina. =)
    Christmas blessings,

  4. Rachel S. says

    We have homemade on Christmas Eve as a tradition, too! I never knew anyone else who did it. My recipe is very similar and, yes, it is delicious!

  5. Danielle says

    I recently discovered your website and am just pleased as punch that I did! I already adore so many of your recipes and now I must try this for my family. Thank you so much!

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