Honey Lime Enchiladas

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Ok, I have posted this recipe before a long time ago (when we first started Sisters’ Cafe) but I was worried that most of you had never seen it. And that just cannot be… it is way too good to be forgotten at the bottom of the pile! This is actually in my top 5 favorite dinners. I usually make 2 pans and freeze one for later. (It freezes great) These enchiladas redefine the concept of enchiladas. They are SO good! I have perfected the recipe to exactly the way I love it. Originally it was made with shredded chicken but one day I had left over pork roast so I shredded that and came up with an even better enchilada!! So you have two delicious options. There is just no description that does these babies justice sooooo here is the recipe…you are going to love it! (If you want to see more pics, check the link above) Honey Lime Enchiladas

submitted by Brittany
1.5 lbs pork or chicken, cooked and shredded
1/3 c honey
1/4 c lime juice
1 Tb chili powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 (10 oz) cans green enchilada sauce
equal parts mixed together of:
mozzarella cheese, shredded
cheddar cheese, shredded
flour tortillas
Mix together sauce ingredients then add to shredded pork or chicken. Let the sauce soak into the meat for about 30 minutes.
Lightly spray 2 pans with non-stick baking spray. (I usually use one 9×13 and one 9×9 but it may vary with how thick you stuff your enchiladas) Pour green enchilada sauce into pans to coat the entire bottom. Fill tortillas with shredded meat and desired amount of cheese. Roll and place in dish.
Pour remainder of sauce over enchiladas and sprinkle more cheese on top – don’t be stingy! (I sometimes use more like 1 1/2 cans- you can freeze left over enchilada sauce in a baggy.) Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then turn on broiler and place enchiladas nearer the top of oven. Let it broil until cheese is slightly brown and crispy. It is now time to WOW your family!!


  1. mary jane says

    I can't wait to try these! What brand of enchilada sauce do you use? Is it a mild or medium sauce?

  2. Kimber says

    This has always been one of my favorite recipes on the site. I've made it many times and my whole family loves it (which is a rarity). Everyone try it!

  3. Valerie says

    Thanks for re-posting it. I don't remember if I've seen it before or not, but now I'm paying attention. :) It looks so good.

  4. Anonymous says

    I found this recipe here almost a year ago and it's one of my favorites–I'm glad you posted it again! It's so easy and yummy!

  5. Ali says

    I make these ALL the time. They are my favorite. I like to take these to neighbors and they always rave about how good they are! Delicious!

  6. Anonymous says

    So does the green enchilada sauce only go outside the tortillas?
    I was confused if it got combined with the honey, lime juice and spices.

  7. Mindy says

    Love this recipe! I use it a lot when I am bring people dinner, too. Super easy and everyone loves it. Oh, and I have limited space in my freezer, so I just freeze the marinated meat to use later when I double my batch. PS One of my friends made it with shredded beef and said they were awesome… haven't tried it yet myself, but I am going to.

  8. Bridget says

    I made these once but my family thought they were too sweet. I am a little nervous to try them again. I used a whipped honey, so I don't know if that is sweeter than the store stuff – any insight would be appreciated.

  9. Brittany says

    Ok everyone, I have not been online for a few days…so sorry I haven't responded sooner to your questions!
    Mary Jane: I have used lots of different brands of green enchilada sauce (all mild I think) and I like all except Western Family (which is still ok just not as good as others).

    anonymous: you don't include the green enchilada sauce with the marinade/sauce ingredients! There was supposed to be a space there – sorry for the confusion! The ench sauce is only on the outside of the enchiladas.

    Bridget: you can definitely make them less sweet. Use more lime juice and less honey. Often I just eyeball things anyway and so it will turn out more sweet or limey depending!

    Hope that helps everyone! I'm so happy that this is a favorite recipe for so many now!!

  10. Grace says

    i’ll tell ya, i’ve eaten a lot of enchiladas in my day, but i don’t believe honey has ever been a component. i (and my sweet tooth) like the idea of it–great sauce!

  11. Anonymous says

    I made these last Thursday for the first time–made a pan for us and a pan for a neighbor who just had a baby. They were a big hit both places. Thank you for the recipe!

  12. hayley says

    Thanks for reposting this recipe! I even burnt them when I turned on the broiler and walked away and they were still a hit.

  13. Renee says

    Thanks for posting yummiest recipe!!!!so sweet i love it …

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  14. Jenny says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I'll never make my usual chicken and cream cheese enchiladas again. Even my chicken-hating 5 year old gobbled them up.

  15. Erin says

    That's a great idea, Wilkinson Fam. I'll have to think about my top five and I'll make a post of it sometime soon!

  16. Shannon says

    These are seriously amazing. My cousin had these on her weekly menu with a link to the recipe here and I tried them. They were an immediate family favorite. I try to make them for everyone I know at least once. Mmm. Great recipe! Good to know they freeze well. I don't usually have any leftover to freeze.

  17. Rebecca says

    We tried this recipe after its first post, and we have loved it ever since. It is SO good.

    If you like a little more "kick", try pepper jack cheese in place of the cheddar/mozarella.

  18. Andrea says

    Made these tonight and LOVED them. The sauce is DELICIOUS! I had a hard time not snacking on the pork as I rolled the enchiladas.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. apple slice says

    My sister made these last night and they were super good. I loved the green sauce and the mozzarella was perfection in enchiladas! I will make them myself sometime soon. :)

  20. Natalie says

    I have been searching and searching for "the best" enchillada recipe for a long time. I finally found it in this recipe. Thank you for posting this!!! My super picky husband loved them. I can't wait to make them again.

  21. Jill says

    LOVE THESE! They are simple to make. We've had them straight out of the oven, and I've frozen them and taken them to pot-luck events. They are the first things to go. Delish:)

  22. Dancin Queen says

    These were SOOOO good. I have seen them reposted on a million recipe blogs, so the word must be spreading. I reposted on my recipe blog and linked back here.

    Love this blog! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Lisa says

    Oh my, these are DELISH! We had them last night and I ate some today for lunch. Thanks for reposting this awesome recipe.

  24. Lara says

    We made these recently for dinner and LOVED them. I just posted them on my blog too (with linky love to you of course). Thanks for sharing!

  25. Brooke Carroll says

    These were SO good, and even my picky husband really loved them. Thank you for sharing the recipe! They were absolutely perfect! :)

  26. Analese says

    These are the best enchiladas ever! A girl at work that follows you gave me this recipe and now I look for recipes from you all of the time. Thanks!

  27. TidyMom says

    This was a huge hit at our house a few weeks ago!….I'm sharing it on my blog tomorrow(with credit to you).

    Thanks so much!!

  28. Debbie says

    These were a HUGE hit with my family! Thank you so much for the recipe!!! Definitley a new family favorite. =)

  29. Anonymous says

    I am really excited to try these out finally! I would like to know though, how did you cook the pork prior to adding the marinade?

  30. Anonymous says

    There is only one word to describe these babies….DIVINE!! Honestly, the combination of flavors is amazing! Thank you for sharing with all of us :)

  31. Heather says

    We make these at least twice a month!! They are so yummy and fresh.Love your site. You are second only to mels kitchen cafe and sometimes first! lol Keep up the good work!

  32. Nicole says

    so sooo soooooo crazy good!!!!! we were going out for the day, so I stuck some split chicken breasts with just a tad of the seasonings from the honey lime sauce in the crock pot on low all day, then when we got home, hubby deboned/shredded/marinated the meat, while I made a homemade green chili enchilada sauce ( http://www.food.com/recipe/el-charro-cafe-green-enchilada-sauce-55478 )- really really good for other uses too, and I even had some “real” chicken stock to add to the enchilada sauce from the crock pot juices. We eat pretty darn good in this house, and this had to rank in our top 10. Thank you sisters!!!!

  33. Regina Williams says

    I tried these and they are fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for all the incredible recipes!!! My son is 17, and is in the Culinary Academy @ his High School. We love trying all your recipes together!!

  34. Amanda says

    These are the best thing that happened to me. I have always been looking for the perfect Enchiladas and I found them. I make them weekly. Not even joking! My whole family is now making them and passing them along to friends. DELICIOUS!!

  35. Karen says

    Hi! I have made these a couple times now and they are delicious. I printed the recipe a while ago and have been using that copy when I made them. I came to reprint it today, but noticed that the copy I printed a while back has cream in it…did you change the recipe, or is there a different Honey Lime recipe posted? Thanks!

  36. Liz says

    I’ve had this recipe saved in my favorites for over a year, finally made them last night. I am kicking myself for putting this recipe off for so long! SO DELICIOUS! The whole family loved it, including the two dogs I added a bit of diced red onion and chopped cilantro to the filling. Making again next week.

  37. Megan says

    Love this recipe! I’m making them ahead of time for a party and will be freezing them. What do you suggest for a cooking time/temp? Should I thaw them first? Thanks :)

  38. Tiffany says

    These were FANTASTIC!! I made for my hubby and 5 kiddos and everyone loved them. I had a difficult time not eating the chicken as it was marinating. :) This one is going in my permanent file for sure. We are a military family and are heading home to visit our families after Christmas and I will definitely be making this for everyone. Thanks for posting such a delicious recipe!!

  39. tris says

    I have a freezer question. When you freeze it, do freeze it before or after you bake it? Also, do you freeze it with the sauce on it, or do you put the sauce on it after you take it out of the freezer. Thanks! I love your site!

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